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Airport Service

Our compliment of limousine vehicles provides for a wide variety of purposes and services ranging from personal transportation to corporate and business services. Whether you have a business associate arriving to the city or a personal long-time friend that is coming to visit, you can be sure they will get first class service with our limousines. FMI Montreal Limousine Services will provide you with the appropriate vehicle depending on each guest, where they are arriving, or where they are arriving from. No one is treated the same as any other. Any guest is a special guest, and all guests are treated with class.

When a business associate is arriving or departing the city, we can take them to their private jet, the airport, train station or any port of transportation around the city. A business associate or an important investor is a valuable asset to your business, and no service should be considered costly. At Montreal Limousine Services, we can resonate that expectation by sending your arriving party a professionally trained and attired driver that can make them feel like royalty, while they travel to your office. By the time they arrive, they will be sporting a smile of satisfaction, ready to seal the deal on your final negotiations.

FMI Montreal Limousine Services is certified and licensed across the city with all major airports, ferry ports, private landing strips and train stations. We are knowledgeable of all procedures, rules and regulations at all of these central hubs. Your visiting party will roll in and out of every airport, port or station without the worry of lining up, getting there late or getting lost. Our drivers will be the personal concierges for your guests, and they will remain with their passengers until they depart to their destinations.When your guest(s) leave, we will contact you and provide you with an update on their status.

If you are traveling with family or friends, why worry about parking your vehicle at the airport or train station for a long period of time, incurring expensive parking tolls and fees. Keep your vehicle safe at home, and let us take you from your home and get you there on time. We guarantee your arrival in time for your trip, and we will be there on the way back. When you arrive back in the city, FMI Montreal Limousine Services will be at the door waiting for to get you back home safely to your family. For us, your trip ends when you are back home. Let us help you make it happen.