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Montreal Wedding Limousine

A bride's wedding day is one of the most important of her life, so why leave it to chance? Go with a limousine service that will ensure complete and total 100% satisfaction from A to Z. FMI Montreal Limousine Services prides itself on the fact that we go above and beyond the call of duty to meet the requests of each bridge that rides with us. Our limos are equipped and offer a variety of drinks and amenities to celebrate before, during and after your ceremony. Nothing is too much for any bridge and her wedding party. We will go all out to make you happy.

When a bridge steps into her limousine, she will think it was rolled out of the dealership especially for her. Our limousine cars are detailed, washed, waxed and buffed to give them a shiny and spotless look for that special day. A bride can see her reflection in the glass to get that last look before she walks into the crowd of anxiously awaiting guests. Our seats are comfortable and spacious to give each bridge the space she needs to roll out her dress for the ride. Brides' mates will also have the luxury and space they need to ride comfortably to their destination. FMI Montreal Limousine Services is luxury.

The first chance to celebrate and toast a bridge and her groom is in the limousine with the bridal party immediately after the ceremony is concluded. On your way to take your pictures, FMI Montreal Limousine Services will furnish your vehicle with a variety of drinks and toasting samplers to begin your celebration. We will provide anything that is requested and make sure drinks are chilled and ready to be served. Our drivers will take the time to serve everyone and ensure that all members of the wedding party are served and happy with the limo service they are experiencing. No detail is a small detail.

Your bridal party and your family deserve better. Why not provide your parents with a car of their own so they can travel in style and luxury. FMI Montreal Limousine Services can help you make sure that everyone has a great time without the worry of how to get home and whether it is safe to drive after a long night of celebration and partying. If you decide to hire us, we will furnish the red carpet from the minute you walk into our office until the time you get on your place for your honeymoon. We will be there every step of the way. We will become family.