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Limo Fleet - FMI Montreal Limousine Services

FMI Montreal Limousine Services offers one of the most diverse and classiest fleets of cars in North America. We are front‐line providers of the latest models, styles and luxury classes of limos and vehicles from across the globe. All of our models are equipped with the latest communication, data, global positioning and other systems. Vehicles are always replaced with new releases off the assembly lines and our full fleet compliment is under 3 years of age. New models of vehicles are always equipped with newer technology for improvements in safety, quality and comfort. We believe these are integral ingredients in achieving your total satisfaction with our limo services.

  • Leather interior
  • Air-conditioning
  • Tinted windows
  • AM/FM/C/stereo
  • Bottled Water
  • Chauffeur
  • 3 passengers

Our showroom consists of more than 20 vehicles which you can choose from Antiques, Limousines, Navigator Limousines and Exotics. Our wedding package includes complimentary champagne and our drivers are safe and courteous to ensure and make your day an excellent one.

Our fleets are equipped with tracking GPS devices that we use to ensure that all vehicles are on time and on schedule to make their appointments and their pickups. Our commitment to drop you off safely extends beyond our dependence on our highly qualified drivers. We keep track with our vehicles and maintain constant communications with our drivers to get consistent updates on their progress and any potential problems or delays. Communication is a large part of our service quality commitment and guarantee. This allows us to provide a quality control level that ensures satisfaction for our clients on two levels – our drivers and our management team.

In order to ensure total quality and safety in our limos, FMI Montreal Limousine Services vehicles are regularly and constantly inspected, maintained and upgraded in order to ensure absolute non‐ interruption of our services. The success of our service guarantee lies with the successful operation of our vehicles and a very strong and rigorous maintenance program that is managed by our own internal staff. Maintenance and repairs on our vehicles are performed by qualified and certified mechanics that have decades of experience in automobile maintenance and mechanics. All vehicles are washed, waxed, cleaned and detailed to a spotless shine. You will never know that someone else was in the vehicle prior to your arrival.

Our ultimate purpose is to make one of our limousines your own personal and private vehicle. We want you to experience the luxury of our fleet as it is meant to be and without reservations. We take care of our drives and our fleet as you would take care of your own vehicle and your family. Cleanliness, safety and luxury are cornerstones of our commitment to service and satisfaction with all of our clients. If you expect it, FMI Montreal Limousine Services will deliver it, and in luxurious style.