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Tours - Casino Limo Service

Make an evening of your casino visit, whether you are there to gamble, watch a show or just visit the casino, we can make the night happen. Although you might be there to gamble, one thing you can be confident of is – FMI Montreal Limousine Services is never a gamble. We are dedicated, professional, and honest when it comes to our clients and our passengers. Your trip to the casino does not have to be just a simple drive. Make it a special experience with our limo service, and enjoy the night to the maximum. We offer different packages and levels of service that will make the night your night.

When we get involved, our guests will get the VIP experience. They will be the most important people of the night, regardless of who they are and where they come from. A night out on the town will become a night of class and lavish style. Our vehicles have a full compliment of media equipment including a TV, DVD and other items. Telephones, sounds systems and sunroofs are an almost standard package in all of our limousines. We go all out when it comes to you and your party.

Besides simply going to the casino, you can make your night a special one. If you are looking to go with a group, we can provide you with a limousine bus that will accommodate a larger group of people. Engage in the glory and ambiance of the evening, and allow yourself to be dazzled by the elegance and fantasy of the night. There is no reason why FMI Montreal Limousine Services cannot become your personal driver for this night. Our experience can help you enhance yours.

Do not hesitate and do not hold back. Give us a call and let us work with you to show you how we can make this simple trip a wonderful experience from FMI Montreal Limousine Services.