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Prom Night Limo Service

Graduation is one of the first and most memorable times of a teenager's life. FMI Montreal Limousine Services wants to be part of yours! We want to help make your experience above and beyond anything that you can imagine. From the time we pick you up, until the time we drop you off, you will be on the roller coaster ride of your teenage years. We understand that your limo ride is only one aspect of your night, but realize that it is the one thing that brings everyone together. A ride to your school or banquet hall will never be more stylish than that taken in one of our cars.

Prom and graduation nights are usually a teenager's first celebration of adulthood and their educational careers. Remembering the days of our prom will leave a lasting impression when you use FMI Montreal Limousine Services. You and your group of friends will have the time of their lives. You will find a great selection of juices and non‐alcoholic beverages that will keep you entertained and in the mood for celebrating all night. The whole group will experience a night that everyone will talk about for months and years to come.

As a concerned parent, you will have nothing to worry about. Our limo drivers will look out for your children and ensure their safety from the time they are picked up until the time they arriving back home. We will guarantee you the feeling of being with them all night. We pride ourselves on ensuring alcohol is not served to minors, and that no illegal activity takes place at any point in time when your children are in the car of our drivers. As parents themselves, our drivers under standing the importance of watching for your children, and the confidence you entrust FMI Montreal Limousine Services with.

Our drivers are equipped with cellular and mobile communication devices that allow us to stay in touch with all of our service vehicles at all times of the day and night. Checking up on your kids is as easy as a phone call away. FMI Montreal Limousine Services maintains around‐the‐clock communications with all of our drivers to ensue that schedules are kept on time and that there are no issues or safety concerns during the trip to the destinations. Every teenager will remember their prom and graduation for years and years to come.

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